Saris Bike Porter 4 Hitch Rack Review


The Saris Bike Porter 4 Hitch Rack is capable of fulfilling a lot of important requirements for cyclists. Cyclists are going to vary somewhat in terms of what they want from their bike racks. However, there are certain basic characteristics that go into making a solid and effective bike rack, and the Saris Bike Porter 4 Hitch Rack has a lot to offer in that regard.

Saris Bike Porter 4 Hitch Rack Pros

One of the most important characteristics in any bike rack is how solidly built it is. Bikes are heavy, and the bike racks need to be able to support them properly. The Saris Bike Porter 4 Hitch Rack should be able to supply most bikes with all of the support that they need.

The Saris Bike Porter 4 Hitch Rack holds the bikes very well. They’re not going to fall, end up in the wrong position, or anything of that nature. This bike rack is equipped with anti-sway straps that will manage to keep the bikes stable and secure without any additional modifications. It should also be harder for potential bike thieves to get at them, even if the bike thieves are working with tools that can bypass locks. Thieves only go for the easy targets.

Many people will use bike racks again and again during the season. They need those bike racks to be able to handle that. This is certainly the case with Saris Bike Porter 4 Hitch Rack. In many cases, people will be able to use bike rack for an entire season, and they’re only going to have to use lube a couple of times, which is going to make the bike rack that much easier for them to use.

Thanks to the rubber cradles of this bike rack, the shift and brake cables will be separated from the bike frame. This is good for the bike and will make things much easier for nearly all bike riders. The bike rack itself weighs twenty-eight pounds, so it shouldn’t be too heavy for anyone who is trying to transport it to different locations.

Saris Bike Porter 4 Hitch Rack Cons

The Saris Bike Porter 4 Hitch Rack has a slight tilting feature at the bottom. This has a tendency to make the device seem less stable than some devices of its kind. The sway is not significant enough to make a huge difference in the stability of the product, but it is still noteworthy.

Bikes vary tremendously in weight, and some people ride heavy-duty mountain bikes or dirt bikes. This bike rack is capable of supporting two bikes weighing in at thirty-five pounds each. Some people are going to need bike racks that are capable of supporting larger bikes. The rack is also not going to work for people cycling in a large group.


The Saris Bike Porter 4 Hitch Rack is not going to meet the needs of all cyclists. However, it should manage to work with many of them and it is going to help cyclists protect their bicycles all throughout the best seasons. It will get them through a lot of things.

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